Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have an idea for a Movie/TV show.  Now what?

Traditionally, a writer, director, or creative producer must develop a body of work and know an industry insider to set up meetings with production companies, studios, and networks to get their projects seen by decision makers. Having been through this time consuming, labor intensive, confusing, and often frustrating process, your Producing Team seek to contribute their expertise to develop projects with writers who are not connected to Hollywood. Think Hollywood is uniquely positioned in its commitment to keeping the gates of Hollywood open by committing time, energy, and resources towards reviewing new story talent. You can “Apply to Pitch” here.

I don’t have an agent, can I still submit my concept?

Yes. Think Hollywood is one of the few connected companies in the entertainment industry that will accept submissions from anyone.  Think Hollywood’s philosophy is that the doors to Hollywood should remain open. Due to our innovative business model, we have the unique opportunity and resources to be able to support and guide unrepresented projects.

What should I expect?

Each project is unique. After the “Pitch Session”, an individualized strategy is recommended for each project. Additional services (while not guaranteed) are offered to projects with promise that are “Enrolled” at Think Hollywood.

We cannot guarantee your project will get made, but we can guarantee amazing access and coaching if your project has potential, including:

    • Access to Pitch a Producer who is a member of the Producers Guild of America
    • If Enrolled in the Think Hollywood Writers Program, you will have access to Professional Story Development coaching and guidance on your project– the kind of professional coaching you will not find at a $250,000 film school.
    • Access to professional pitching and story tools from working professionals who coach TV Showrunners and Produced Feature Writers.

If approved, will Think Hollywood actually take me to studios or networks?

If you successfully go through the development process and your project earns “recommend” status, your project will be “optioned” by your producer, known as being “Set Up” at Think Hollywood and a strategy will be developed for strategically sending your project out to industry professionals. When a project is Set Up, there are no additional fees to the writer and the writer’s pay is then negotiated by the producer and  when applicable, production deals are made. In the past, producers have taken select clients onto the studio and network lots to pitch to executives. But the specific course of action for your project is determined in consultation with your producer.

I have a tv concept, but I am not a writer.  Do you know any writers/producers that can pitch my project?

Each project is unique.  In one case, a client came to us with an idea for a tv series.  Less than three months later, we had him in LA pitching to top caliber working writers and development companies on the major studio lots.  After five pitch meetings, we attracted the interest of an Emmy-Winning TV writer to the project who was a good creative match and who was thrilled about working with the writer enrolled in the Think Hollywood Writers Program.  The attached writer and producer connected by Think Hollywood then pitched the project to the major networks and studios.
Sounds good, but I’m not in Hollywood. I’m in another city, state or country.

Perfect– our mandate is to help support writers outside of the Hollywood System with professional story development support and guidance. Thanks to modern communication technology, geography is not a limiting factor for our program. We are committed to keeping Hollywood open to writers from around the globe. During your “Pitch Session,” a Hollywood Producer will call you and recommend a course of action. You may participate in the entire program if you wish from overseas. In the past, we have flown writers to Los Angeles to help in pitching projects, but if you wish, an Producer can pitch on your behalf without you having to leave your home/office.

Is there any financial risk when I “Apply to Pitch”?

No– if you do not get the attention of a working Hollywood Producer, you will not submit any financial data.

My project was not selected, but I have extra money, can I pay to have my project taken out?

No, we only offer support to projects that are a match for Think Hollywood that we believe have both creative and commercial appeal in the current market. One of the keys to Think Hollywood’s ability to provide our services is our reputation as industry professionals with impeccable taste that only work on projects we believe in.

Don’t Give Up– if your project is not selected to be pitched to a producer, we highly recommend reapplying to the Think Hollywood Writers Program with a different concept– you can apply as many times as you like until a Producer takes interest!

Is there anyway to get a discount?

If money is a concern, we encourage your participation in the program regardless. Please send an email to tuition@thinkhollywood.org.  After all, if you are a writer with limited financial means, can you really afford not to have your material given the attention it deserves.

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