Our Mission, Beliefs, & Origin

Think Hollywood Mandate:

Think Hollywood connects undiscovered writers with Producing Teams that specialize in developing and championing unrepresented projects.

Think Hollywood was specifically created and designed to connect undiscovered writers with a select number of producers and development executives who are knowledgeable and interested in working with writing talent outside of the Hollywood system. This means that Think Hollywood is your opportunity to quickly and safely connect with great producers and story development execs– your keys to success in Hollywood.

At Think Hollywood, we have streamlined the process of connecting with a producer and creating your own story development Producing Team!

Think Hollywood Founder’s Beliefs:

Old Hollywood was owned by a handful of studios that hired their own in-house writers for content. But as these corporate conglomerates gained resources, the stories they brought to the screen became predictable and insular — drawing old stories from the same few writers and sources. But times they are changing! And Think Hollywood is founded on the belief that good stories should be put on screen and writers should be compensated well for their efforts. We are part of the movement to open the gates of Hollywood to fresh storytellers with a vision.

The Founders of Think Hollywood also adhere to the beliefs that story telling and story creation are learned skills and therefore, take it upon themselves to work with fledgling writers who have a “growth mindset” as espoused by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., in her seminal book, MINDSET: The New Psychology of Success. The Think Hollywood staff is dedicated to supporting story tellers that are committed to learning and growing.

Origin of Think Hollywood:

Think Hollywood was created by a group of Ivy League graduates who, while living on the East Coast of the United States, experienced how challenging, confusing, and foreign Hollywood can appear to someone who hadn’t already spent years devoted to decoding the entertainment industry’s nuances.

So after years of diligent work, gaining insight, knowledge, and a strong reputation as professionals among their Hollywood peers who came out of the top film schools and work at the best media companies in the world, the founders of Think Hollywood were prepared to undertake the Think Hollywood mandate as their personal mission — to open the doors of Hollywood to the best storytellers around the world who deserve a fair shake in Hollywood.


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