Writers who live outside of Los Angeles often waste thousands of dollars and years of hard work flying to LA for pitch fests that are ineffectual at getting their projects made, and sending query letters that no one will read, or paying questionable services tons of money to spam Hollywood with their query letters — there has got to be a better way…

And luckily for you Think Hollywood is a better way.

We work hard to help connect the best undiscovered writing talent outside of the Hollywood System with real Producers and Development Execs that are knowledgeable and excited about working with aspiring creative talent. We have designed the following system to help you attract the attention of a real Producer as quickly, safely, and as cost effectively as possible.

While we cannot guarantee your project will get made, we can guarantee amazing access and professional coaching if your project has potential, including:

  • Access to Pitch a Producer who is a member of the Producers Guild of America
  • If Enrolled in the Think Hollywood Writers Program, you will have access to Professional Story Development coaching and guidance on your project– something you will not find in a $250,000 film school!
  • Access to professional pitching and story tools from working professionals who guide TV Showrunners and Produced Feature Writers.

To help you get your project in the hands of a Producer and “Enrolled” in the Think Hollywood Writers Program, we have created the following system for you to have the opportunity to attract a Producer to pitch to and then develop your project with your very own professional Producing Team made of at least a Producer, Development Executive, and Professional Story Analyst.

Step 1:  Apply to Pitch: FREE

To become eligible to pitch a Real Producer who is a member of the Producers Guild of America your project, you will first need to submit your project’s logline to be reviewed by Producers connected by Think Hollywood in what we like to call, “Apply to Pitch”.

You can do this for absolutely FREE and without any further obligation (you don’t submit any financial information), and unless you decide to pitch a producer once you are approved, you will not pay a dime.

You can Apply to Pitch here.

Once you have applied to pitch, your project will be available for review by the producers at Think Hollywood. If one or more producers are interested in your project, you are eligible to schedule a pitch session with a Producer, or as we like to say it, you will be “Green Lit to Pitch”.

After you have been “Green Lit to Pitch”, you will be sent a confirmation email with detailed instructions about how to reserve a time slot  for an up to 30 minute appointment to pitch and receive feedback on your presentation, known as the “Pitch Session”. In order to reserve a time slot, you will need to send a  $260 project investment to Think Hollywood on the scheduling page you will find a link to in your confirmation email.

Once you and the producer have mutually agreed upon a time and method of communication (phone, skype, gchat, etc), you will then have up to 30 minutes to pitch a working Producer in Hollywood!

Step 2: Pitch Session: $260

Your 30 minute reserved time with a producer is your chance to pitch the producer to cement their interest in your project and motivate them to move forward with the project. Above all else, the Pitch Session is an educational opportunity to receive feedback on how to better improve your pitch and story.

If your pitch is successful, your project will gain “Enrolled” status at Think Hollywood, meaning you will then receive a personalized development plan/strategy utilizing the Think Hollywood Story Department support structure, including being assigned your own Development Exec who will “track” your project through development!

Step 3: Advanced Development Services

These services are reserved for writers who have successfully pitched a Producer and have project(s) that are Enrolled in the Think Hollywood Writers Program. If you are interested in learning more about our reserved services, you can email

Step 4: “Set Up” Status

After your project has successfully gone through the development process, your project is eligible to be optioned by a producer, known as being “Set Up” at Think Hollywood. When a project is Set Up, there are no additional fees to the writer and the writers pay is then negotiated by the producer and then production deals are made.

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