“You got me thinking Hollywood immediately. Within two days of enrolling, they had me pitching a producer who liked my concept and wanted to read my script…“

Duncan Del Alderson
Director, Rabbit Hill Writers Studio

“This was the first time I was given the opportunity to pitch an actual Hollywood producer. The time and money spent was well worth it!“

William Thomas Tucker
Author, “Miracles Made Possible”


“Amazing! The president of production at Paramount picked up my project and in less than a week he was pitching with us to the head of Dramatic Series Development at CBS Paramount… all while I was teaching classes across the country.”

Dr. Hany Farid
Professor, Dartmouth College

“I loved being able to pitch to a real producer and hear feedback. Plus, he was interested in me as a person, not just a project.”

Mike Horn

“I really appreciated the human contact … it is an encouraging tool to improve cooperation and, therefore, the final results.”

Valerio Brunetti
Rome, Italy

“As a European writer, it changed my destiny to have an American producer pickup my script. Deep down, I was aware something was wrong with both my plot and my structure. Now, I know exactly what is and how to fix it.”

Pascal Clarysse
Brussels, Belgium

“OMG! This has really blown me away! I found it incredibly useful to talk to a keen producer with industry connections. I finally got to know the meaning of thanks giving. I will never forget it!“

Toula Andreadis
Springvale, Australia

“Finally there is a respectable venue that gives writers hope. I had a great experience with my assigned producer. The insight and service he offered was very professional in all ways.”

Jan Fuzek

“The most useful aspect of your program was the opportunity to practice my pitch with a professional and the excellent feedback I received.”

Mike Archer
CEO, The Virtual Communications SuperStore

“You helped teach me about the complexities of dealing with Hollywood.”

Robert Cheney
KWJ Engineering

“I liked the candid advice given by the producer, feedback on the pitch, and suggestions on how to proceed with my script. I thought all were helpful and on target. The elite coverage was very thorough, full of useful suggestions. The analyst delved into all of the major aspects, and has encouraged me to complete a re-write.“

WHEN WOMEN RULE was a winner of the 2007 Screenwriter Showcase contest.

Steven Alderson
Screenwriter, WHEN WOMEN RULE

“The constructive criticism from a bonafide industry professional was one of the most useful bits of feedback I’ve ever received… it was refreshing to have someone explain precisely what was off about my script. I always knew there was something missing from it, but could never quite put my finger on it. No one else who ever read it — including the producer who previously optioned it — was ever able to be so specific about its flaws, or offer recommendations for fixes to them. Armed with this feedback, I can make what was already a good script into a great one. “

Robert Mason
Screenwriter, PRINCE OF HELL

“Invaluable! I successfully pitched my project to a producer. I appreciated his professional questions and insights. “
Chabeth Haynes

“I would to like to say I found the coverage very helpful. I’ve gone through this process with other coverage services…It was too stressful and aggravating”
Ron Reed
Oakland, CA

If you are a Think Hollywood client, we welcome your feedback at email testimonials@thinkhollywood.org.

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